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Bremen is … buzzing

From street acrobatics to open-air classics – Bremen's entertainment scene has something for everyone

Cologne has its carnival, Munich has Oktoberfest. In Bremen, the celebrations go on all year round. There's something for everyone, from gravity-defying acrobats and graceful dancers to chart-topping pop acts. Not a month goes by without some exciting event taking place in the city: the Freimarkt (the oldest funfair in Germany), the music festival and maritime festival, Europe's biggest six-day cycle race, musicals and plays, prestigious art exhibitions and last but not least the traditional Christmas market, which also extends along the Schlachte Embankment. Excitement, sensual delights, treachery and passion, Bremen Musical Theatre has it all. In addition to all the playhouses and concert halls, the city can boast a great many places to discover art. Bremen's Kunsthalle gallery, for example, presents an ambitious exhibition programme featuring internationally acclaimed artists.